We really hope that you will be interested and support our project. Our book will certainly not be the most in depth analysis of Japanese culture but it will be an honest, heartfelt selection of articles about topics that are important to real Japanese High school students — and don’t forget we are doing this to help people still suffering from effects of the tsunami and earthquake last March.

How can you help?


Pretty soon -we’re aiming for the 26th October we’re going to start our fundraising activity through the lovely people at Indie Gogo. It’s a great fundraising site where we can advertise our project and interested backers can easily donate money.

On our Indie Gogo page there will be full details of our project and intended budget, but let me summarize for you here. The money raised will produce an initial run of about 500 books, pay the artists and other production staff, and the promo material we have made. This is a target of about $2,000 USD. Anything raised above this will be donated directly to the earthquake victims, as will funds raised from selling the book.


So obviously there are 3 ways you can help:

1. Spread word of our project: tweet, Facebook like us, email, tumblr, talk to folks, to everyone you might think interested and even ones who won’t be, because they might have friends who are.

2. Back our Indie Gogo page: you can donate money once the page is up and running. This will be from the final days of October to November’s end. Any donation is welcome, from $1 to $1,000,000 and over. Of course, the more you donate, the larger your reward will be. You could get an advanced PDF of our book, a copy signed by a student with a personal message or maybe a really generous soul will get a paid visit to our school and tour of Sendai….

3. Buy the book: the book will be available through Amazon when it is ready. So it’s easy to buy and it will be dirt cheap. Support our creative, individual and brave endeavor, so more Japanese schools might also improve their English education.


Thank you

Finally, thank you very much, from all of us, for taking the time to read this. We really hope you will visit regularly and support us. This might be nothing to you but it’s a big deal to us, truly! We’re trying hard to make a difference in other peoples’ lives, in English education in Japan, and in ourselves… So please help us!

And here’s a cute cat…..

20120913-221356.jpg You can’t say no to her can you?

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Fundraising ends!

The EndDecember 1st, 2012
Our big fund raiser is coming to an end... Here's when. Thank you for all the support! We all really appreciate it.

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