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Morning fellas and ladies,

We had a fun weekend with the culture festival, and two days off school to rest and recover….



… But now it’s back to work!

Almost all of the first drafts have been handed in now…. I think. I still have to check some.. So there is another big pile of marking on my desk. It’s a common sight. Some of those will be second drafts but I don’t know which until I get that feeling of deja vu and check my class lists. Ah, iPads are so useful too. I use an app called Teacherkit. It’s great for keeping track of students. It’s free too.

Anyway, must get on. I’ll maybe update again, after the marking.




We are like in the middle of the schools culture festival. That means that everyone is very busy. However we’re having lots of fun. All the classes have designed a particular event to raise money, play games or just have some fun. I joined the English club today at the other school. I had a display of English comic books, English movies, TV dramas, English food and English books. I think people enjoyed it, but there weren’t many visitors. I think all of the Japanese public are afraid of English. Tomorrow I have the event again and I am at Mukaiyama high school. I have the whole day in the media room to show videos, the first grade skit project as well, so it’s going to be so fun. The screen in that room is huge and the sound system is fantastic. So basically it’s like having my own cinema. Wonderful!

Some attention has been taken away from the project for a little while. However, last week the second grade students had some class time in which to finish writing the first draft reviews. As I said, some of them I’ve marked and returned them. I made a few corrections but they were really much better than I expected. Whereas some reviews were too short, I asked questions and when I felt an important point had been missed too. So I encourage them to write more and most of the students responded quickly with a longer review.


That said, still about half of the students have not handed in the first draft. They have until Thursday – that’s the deadline. It was good to see the students working in class. I didn’t get a chance to see them working over summer. So this was my first time. They work really well and personalities of each class are different, but generally they help each other and chat about the subjects.


Now, the students aren’t thinking about the reviews. All of the school is focused on the culture festival. It’s one of the few chances for the high school students to really have fun. They create shops or events in the school and many of them dress in costumes. You always find boys in schoolgirl uniforms and maid costumes. They like to do funny performances. Quite often there will be a group who will perform an AKB song. That’s the local idol group. The girls group.

It’s a good time and I’m tired from today. So, I must sleep before returning to the chaos.


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